Rock ‘n Roll. Call The Brooklyn, NY Target Pharmacy and get coaching on how to UNIONIZE

Target running for the border
From Rex Guevara
News from Rex. Thank you, Man. Looking forward to your unimpeachable story. I am getting old. Have an active case of post polio syndrome. Today is a good day. Fred, I will have the promo magazine “The Best of the Best from the first 5 Editions” ready to print by Sunday. I will collate and staple. You must find some strong hands to fold. Mark Hill taught me how to do it quickly. It does take strong hands.
Who else wants to promote the revolution? C’mon, you can’t stand by and expect the other guy to do it . Look how that has turned out. Contact me at or cell 941-281-9096 NEVER after 9″00 PM Eastern time.

The Phamacy Alliance (The Guerrilla Pharmacist) is making a difference. Slow but sure. Remember, This is a guerrilla warfare. WE are not trying to set off an atomic frikkin’ Target bomb. Smaller skirmishes won by us are, to Target in this case) the companies, huge losses. They know that all it will take is a quantum degree of guerrilla victories and they are fucked. Trust me, if only 10% of a company’s pharmacists in one city mail the guerrilla letter as outlined in Edition One of the magazine, we win. It will be all but love. The same with organizing as a union. This is not difficult. Once you start, the company cannot retaliate. The Fed will be your personal body guard. Talk to me. Talk to Steve , Talk to Goose Talk to Peon Talk to Pharmacy Gal
You can do this. Repeat YOU CAN DO THIS!


By: Nandita Bose (Reuters USA)

CHICAGO (Reuters) – A group of pharmacy workers within Target Corp’s store in Brooklyn, New York, have won a vote to form a microunion, making it the first unionized store at the retailer since its inception in 1902.

Earlier on Wednesday, Reuters was first to report that a group of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians won an initial ballot, 7-2, to form the union, according to a filing on the National Labor Relations Board website and union officials.

Target said it was “disappointed” by the vote within its store and will appeal the NLRB’s decision to allow the vote to proceed.

Target is in the process of selling its pharmacy business to CVS Health Corp.

“Because of the pending sale of the business, we don’t believe it was appropriate for the NLRB to move forward with the petition,” spokeswoman Molly Snyder told Reuters.

“We believe it should have been dismissed and made that argument at the hearing.”

That is too bad, Molly. Welcome to the world of THE SLEEPING TIGER. Labor laws are solid. They were written decades ago to allow workers to protect themselves from predatory employees. Make some calls, just do it.

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Open Letter to: The Emperor Who Has No Clothes (Think CVS RAD & WAG)



I have been a pharmacist for a long time. I worked with the typewriter before there were pharmacy computers. I calculated the retail price of prescriptions by following a formula. Eye drops were more profitable than the top ten drugs. As were cough syrups and topical creams and ointments. This was before calculators. We used a pad of scratch paper and a pencil. All pharmacists were very good at it. To get a certain percentage profit, we divided the cost by the reciprocal of the percentage profit we wanted. Example. If you got 40% profit (Everybody got 40%) on a cost of $6.00, we divided $6.00 by 0.6. = $10.00. There was a time when pharmacists were recruited by chain drug stores because they needed our skills to make their businesseS. work. Without professional pharmacists, there are no pharmacies. Again, no pharmacists, no pharmacies.
Pharmacists have the lives of thousands of people in our hands every single day. We have the responsibility for millions of dollars worth of assets (The drugs). We do the job under the worst conditions imaginable. Citizens who are simply customers argue with us when we leak that some of us are expected to work non-stop for 14 hours straight with no rest periods or meal breaks. Pharmacists actually have more life and death responsibility every day than all the surgeons put together. Good, professional merchant pharmacists are in short supply. You can find robo-dispensers, but pharmacists like me cannot be outsourced or easily replaced. I don’t think you care about that. It seems as if you would be happy if pharmacists were not needed. You would be satisfied with technicians doing the job. More people would die, but your actuaries can figure out how that can actually be profitable.
You have given the fate of our industry into the hands of non-pharmacists. Specifically, the business school graduates. For thirty years, you have engaged in an insulting attack on the business of pharmacy. We are not idiots, we know what you have been doing. We have watched your non-pharmacists solve every problem the same way. Cut costs, seek out waste and give the store away: Gift cards, discounts and other idiotic inducements. Every dollar that your business graduates give away comes right off the bottom line. Perhaps your share-holders need to be enlightened.
You treat the pharmacists like crap by demanding that they ignore their professional and legal responsibilities in order to make your metrics. How long do you believe that you can do this? Get this: Pharmacists will not continue to leap off the cliff like lemmings forever. Pharmacists will not slit their own throats to cover for management’s failure for the last thirty years
I know pharmacists who have MBA degrees. I know pharmacists who work for you who have successfully run their own drug stores. We understand the pharmacy business and represent a vast untapped resource. If you want competent leadership, look behind the pharmacy counters in your stores. We need our industry to be run by leaders who manage, not managers who took a class on leadership.
Very few pharmacists work with a contract. Very few of us belong to unions. That can change it you do not wise up. Pharmacists are idiots for working without a safety net. Every single thing a pharmacist does in a day is governed by the laws, rules and regulations of pharmacy. That is not company policy. Those are the laws. Company policy is this minor list of procedural rules. The law is the law. But, you have managed to intimidate pharmacists with the threat of termination into putting company policy first. The threat of immediate unemployment frightens people. Most pharmacists have families and responsibilities. You got them scared. That can change. I can see a scenario where your Masters opf the Univese are the ones running scared.
Perseveration is a well-know mental conditiion where one keeps on doing the same thing expecting a different outcome. Pharmacists must be mentally ill. You too if you really think that giving the store away will eventually make you a satisfactory return on investment. All that is is giving your profit way. Mental illness reigns in the offices of Three Pee Ex.
Most pharmacist are justifiably saddened by where your Business Graduate Management has taken our once great profession. Of course, we have younger pharmacists who don’t know the difference. Despite your attacks on our profession, our dignity, our-self respect, our livelihood and our reputation, pharmacists will keep on serving our patients. More than ever, we will abide by the laws and rules of pharmacy. That is what professional people do.

We are done being bullied.

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Edition One.  Premier!
“THE GUERRILLA PHARMACIST” is the official magazine of THE PHARMACY ALLIANCE. GUERRILLA is not your grandpa’s Pharmacy Times. Guerrilla extends a workable and viable strategy for poking CVS right in the eye. You want to feel free and able to control your situation. Give The Guerrilla Pharmacist a go. Visit the PayPal JOIN page at A subscription to THE GUERRILLA PHARMACIST is included with your new membership in The Pharmacy Alliance. Or subscriptions are available.
“The Saga of Rex Guevara” is next . A full magazine that will inspire some of you to
take a stand and recover your standing as a professional.

Click on the JOIN Button Up Above to Take you to TPA PayPal Page for Details

For the next addition after “Rex”……..essays on METRICS!
An open call for:
Anecdotal evidence?
What are the metrics?
How or why do the metrics adversely affect patient care?
How or why do the metrics adversely affect patient safety?

Doctor visits?
E.R. Visits?
Hospital admissions?
Hospital readmissions?
Permanent damage? Death? Patients are dying.
Your ass.
Your heart rate?
Your blood pressure?
Blame everything on The Metrics! !
The pharmacists will never be able to get rid of the metrics. You think?

BUT, with ORGNIZATION and REPRESENTATION, A PHARMACIST Union could negotIate changes in policies and procedures and implementation of those METRICS! a CONTRACT Pharmacists/Rite-Aid’ can include provisions for obeying all pharmacy LAWS.

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The Tired Pharmacist is a Dangerous Pharmacist. Join TPA and participate today.

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List of Therapy Research Topics

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Advantages and Disadvantages of HMO Healthcare Programs

Not merely may this enable you to sleep better, but may boost your retrieval from anxiety and harm, maintain a guy virile and support all your techniques work at a younger natural age. Continue reading

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Ageless Composing Does not Has to be Great Elaborate

Ageless Composing Does not Has to be Great Elaborate194 Opinions

This blog was basically printed in Sept . 2011. Continue reading

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Why Your Posting Does sound Odd (And What You Can Do Concerning It)

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